Sumner Asphalt Batch Facility

Corliss Resources

Corliss is a fifth-generation, family owned, locally based business that has safely operated gravel mine and batch plants for decades across the Northwest. Our Sumner plant has been in business since 1919. We take pride in the communities in which we and our employees’ families live and are committed to donating our time and resources to local schools and community organizations. Corliss Resources provides top quality aggregate products (concrete, aggregates, , sand and gravel) to large and small customers from our state-of-the-art location near 64th Street in Sumner. Aggregate, including asphalt, is a key component of modern society as we know it. It is used in, and is required to maintain roads, sidewalks, building foundations and structures among many, many other applications.

What is Corliss Asking the City For?

When the Corliss Resources site was developed years ago, we obtained the necessary permits to build a mineral extraction facility (which included accessory uses such as making asphalt) and developed our facility in Pierce County. In 2003, the City of Sumner annexed our property. The City’s comprehensive plan maps identified the site as Mineral Resource Land, however, during the first East Sumner Neighborhood Area Plan, the site was considered to be future developable lands for residential and commercial uses upon completion of mining activities and the city inadvertently removed mining and mineral uses as allowed/conditional uses in the General Commercial zone, which had the effect of rendering our permitted development in the General Commercial zone legally non-conforming. Corliss Resources is requesting that the City Council approve a text amendment, as recommended by staff, which would allow mineral extraction as a conditional use in the various zones in which our facility currently operates, to allow flexibility to expand and adapt our operations. At some point in the future, we may expand our operations to include building an asphalt plant on a portion of our Sumner facility, because of its proximity to clients and the aggregate - a key resource in making asphalt). Should we make an application for an asphalt plant, we would be bound by all local, state and federal permitting regulations and authorities.

Learn The Facts

Corliss Resources has hired independent consultants to study the potential health, traffic and real estate impacts of an asphalt plant. You can read the reports here, along with research commissioned by the City of Sumner.

Health Impact Assessment

The Health Impact Assessment, conducted by the Washington State Department of Health, reported that air emissions, water quality, noise, light, glare, and vibration are regulated by a combination of local, state, and federal regulations to minimize or mitigate these impacts, and concludes that the current standards already in place at City, County and State limits, when applied and enforced appropriately, should be sufficient to mitigate any health impacts otherwise discernable from an asphalt facility.

Real Estate Market Impact report

The real estate report, conducted by Berk Consulting, concluded that there were no demonstrable impacts to single-family real estate property values within a 2-mile radius of existing asphalt batch plants.

Traffic Impact Analysis

The City of Sumner’s traffic analysis, conducted by The Transpo Group, concluded that there would be an additional 18 vehicle trips per day from the proposed location resulting in a 1% impact and 1 second delay at the intersection of Sumner-Tapps Hwy (166th Ave E) and 64th Street E.


As a good neighbor, Corliss Resources continues to be committed to meeting and exceedings all regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington State Department of Ecology, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and the City of Sumner in its current operations.  With the construction and operation of an asphalt plant, the City could not be in better, more capable hands, than with Corliss Resources.

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